The following information is designed to give you a general picture of who makes an ideal franchisee.  Our franchisees have unique business and personal backgrounds that have helped them find success.

Servant Leadership Mentality

Adapt to “Get it Done” Mindset
Communicative and Kind
Follows Systems
Delivers Excellence


Sparkle Squad requires applicants to demonstrate a Net Worth of at least $150,000 and minimum liquidity of $60,000 in order to move forward in the discovery process.


Has business ownership, management, or operations experience

Seeks flexibility to facilitate increased time or for other businesses

Enjoys setting benchmarks and achieving goals

Values building a business by delivering “wow” service to customers

Understands the basics of consultative sales and marketing (Sparkle Squad does provide support and franchise training in these and other aspects of the business)


Sparkle Squad franchisees come from various backgrounds. Many of them never thought they’d own a window cleaning franchise one day!

Our franchisees have varying backgrounds including small business owners, executive chef, special needs teacher, service manager, journalist, IT project manager and general manager  – to name a few.

As part of the Sparkle Squad franchise research process, you’ll have a chance to speak with our franchisees and ask them about their growth and experiences. Sparkle Squad franchisees tend to be a well-connected group, sharing ideas and support for your franchise startup.



Sparkle Squad is seeking franchisees who want to build meaningful empires. In other words, a business that you will invest into appropriately (marketing, vehicles, equipment, etc.), allowing for rapid growth and scale. We want owners who are interested in working on their business, not necessarily in their business, especially after the first 12-18 months of operation. We will have you as a new owner focus on learning the ropes and focused on residential customers at the start, but be prepared to quickly take your business to the next level with commercial account opportunities!

The Sparkle Squad business model is built to put you in a position of success, and allow for scale in the years to come. Our model provides a clear path toward your Sparkle Squad empire, when considering the following:

All the tools you need on four wheels – easily expand with job pods and technicians.
No retail location makes scalability and expansion simple.
No high-capital machinery means low overhead and more to reinvest in your company.
Coaching and guidance on commercial sales help to take your business to the next level.